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Designed for Simply Amazing Service by Fat City Graphics

Why Gluten Free?

*It is estimated that 30% of adults are either eating a gluten free diet or trying to cut back on gluten. The reasons vary from those who suffer from celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten, but also there are many who experience higher energy levels, less fatigue and fewer digestive problems that they attribute to a diet free of gluten.

When Karen started Simply Amazing Service she decided to focus on bringing more gluten free options to catering in the Tulsa area. When you think that 3 out of 10 guest may be following a gluten free diet the need was obvious. Simply Amazing Service still makes delicious appetizers and entrees that are not gluten free but they have developed a wide range of recipes that will satisfy everyone at your event. In other words if you don’t tell them they will never know. Simply Amazing Service also offers many vegetarian choices.

*Source: NDP Group, a consumer research firm